Cube Orbit – Presskit

Type:Mobile/Touch 3D Free-to-Play Casual Game
Genre:Match-3, Casual, Arcade-ish
Name:Cube Orbit
Developer:Markus Scheidgen (Cube Monster Games)
Platforms:iOS, Android
Availability:Released on Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon
Price/Monitization:Free, reward ads, no IAP
Media/Screenshots:Single assets below or download whole package here (55MB)
Contact/Business or @mscheidgen


Promotional text: Cube Orbit is a 3D real time tactical color match game. Plan ahead to forge awesome color combos. Make split second decisions before your angle fades and the clock expires. Adjust your tactics to defeat increasingly complex levels with four alternating mission goals. Enjoy cubical aesthetics full of colors, effects, and a fitting 8-bit sound design.

Characteristics: Cube Orbit is a free-to-play casual color match single player game with 3D graphics. An level run lasts about 45 seconds. The perfect distraction for commutes, standing in line, or other short annoyances. It was specifically designed for mobile touch devices. The game has a fairly abstract design with no references to violence, sexuality, drugs, or inappropriate language. It might be problematic for players with photosensitivity.

About the core loop: Digging into colored cube structures is aesthetically pleasing and naturally relaxing. Juxtaposition with a timer leads to a rewarding and challenging experience. The coloring cooldown is necessary to avoid winning the game solely by frantically tapping and adds another dimension of depth to the game. Carefully chosen level goals, bonuses, powerups, and upgrades allow for long-term fun with hundreds of levels.

About monetization: Draining user pockets with specially designed game play mechanics is not fun and so are annoying advertisements. Cube Orbit lets players decide if they want to see an ad. In the future there might be a one-time (or otherwise capped) in-app-payment option for permanent upgrades.


About the developer: I am Markus a computer scientist and academic researcher that develops mobile games (Rope the Frag, Cube Racing Madness) in his leisure time. I am a single hobbyist developer/designer and use Cube Monster Games as a label ("studio") for my gamedev activities. I am 38 years old, live with my wife and two sons in Berlin, Germany.


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